The Duel Masters wiki aims to list every English and Japanese card as well as each tip, trivia, gallery, ruling and deck type associated with the Duel Masters Trading Card Game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It carries a huge home advantage as a battlefield because of its high gravity, which makes manuevouring difficult for creatures of other civilizations, while Nature creatures are adapted to it. Results Welcome to the search system! < > 7 Comments kzieres61 Apr 14 @ 3:50pm THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!! Card Game Database Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It is rumoured that the game might return with the start of the new Duel Masters anime series "Kaijudo The Rise of the Duel Masters". is an evil organization that plot to use monsters from the Civilizations of the Creature World to take over Earth. The card game is part of the Duel Masters franchise. See Also: List of English set galleries List of Japanese card sets 1 Booster Packs 2 Theme Decks 3 Promotional DM-01: Base Set DM-02: Evo-Crushinators of Doom DM-03: Rampage of the Super Warriors DM-04: Shadowclash of Blinding Night DM-05: Survivors of the Megapocalypse DM-06: Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath … The Fire creatures are expert craftsmen and engineers, and combine firepower with heavy machinery. Their allies are the Fire and Light Civilization and their enemies are the Darkness and Water Civilizations. Eventually, a Japanese third season premiered in Japan entitled "Shinseiki Duel Masters Flash", followed by "Zero Duel Masters" (2006–2007), "Duel Masters Zero" (separate from "Zero Duel Masters", and the first season to be CGI animated; 2007–2008), "Duel Masters Cross" (the first season to be produced in high definition; 2008–2010), "Duel Masters Cross Shock" (2010–2011), "Duel Masters Victory", (2011–2012),[1] "Duel Masters Victory V" (2012 – 2013), and "Duel Masters Victory V3" (2013–present). Added to American version were jokes about typical anime cliches such as split-screens and a missing father-figure (in this case, Shobu's father Shori). The characters will constantly say things like, "Looks like it's time for a fade-out", "I hope the writers do better next week", "Why is the camera too close on my face?" As you choose an option for either Race, Category, or Set, you will be able to add additional filters using the plus icon that will appear next to the field. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. The game was released in Japan in May 2002, where it quickly became the number one selling trading card game for over a year. Twelve-year-old Shobu Kirifuda has one goal: to become a top-ranking player at the game of Duel Masters, a card game in which players use spells and summon monsters to break through their opponents' shield cards and subsequently defeat them. It was supposedly the strongest team in the world. Furthermore, duelists have shields in the form of cards that go to their hand when "broken" as opposed to Magic's "life points". The Duel Masters Trading Card Game is a two-player or two vs. two team collectible card game (CCG) jointly developed by Wizards of the Coast and Takara Tomy (itself an affiliate of Hasbro, which owns WotC). 2 Trox, General of destruction (1 mint and 1 lightly grazed on a corner). Complete set of English Duel Masters cards, separated by card sets, and in alphabetical order. There is also a video game. Contribute to SecretBase/duelmasters-cardsearcher development by creating an account on GitHub. It released twelve sets within a period of two years, and adapts almost all the cards from the ones in the original Japanese Edition. The following races reside in the Light Civilization: The Water Civilization is a half-land, half-sea location that hails from a network of sunken cyber-cities. If used properly, the civilizations can complement each other nicely. The manga series has not been licensed for the U.S., although there has been an American created comic book by Dreamwave Productions. It can also reanimate powerful creatures of other civilizations when they die. DM-103 Red-Eye Scorpion Duel Masters TCG Rare Card. A mysterious evil force has altered the most iconic events of Marvel history. A player must have at least a minimum of 40 cards in their deck. Duel Masters (デュエル・マスターズ, Dyueru Masutāzu?) Buy and sell Duel Masters Cards (5.00 out of 5) Bolmeteus Steel Dragon (5.00 out of 5) Dark Demon Commands Deck (5.00 out of 5) The Basics Of Duel Masters Trading Card Game (5.00 out of 5) Phoenix’s Turbo Dragon Deck (4.40 out of 5) Each of the civilizations has a zone which most cards of that civilization affect: Fire - Battle Zone, Light - Shield Zone, Nature - Mana Zone, Water - The Hand and Darkness - The Graveyard. World of Warcraft Pokémon Naruto UFS The Spoils Duelmasters Vs. System Boosters are available in English for the first 12 sets, and Japanese for all for the following expansions:[7][8]. Tweet And the stakes are even bigger! Also, if a player has no more cards to draw from his/her deck, that player automatically loses the duel. The first manga series of Duel Masters ran fro… The game shares several similarities with Magic: The Gathering, the world's first collectible card game which was also published by Wizards of the coast. This organization is seen only in the "second season" that was created for America. You are a warlock that can summons monsters with the help of your invocation dices. Duel Masters Card Searcher --. Their allies are the Darkness and Light Civilizations and their enemies are the Fire and Nature Civilizations. Magic: The Gathering - Commander Collection: Green Price Guide Template:Infobox animanga/Video Hello, I was going through my old cards that I had when I was a kid, and I've stumbled across the following: 1 King Aquakamui (Mint). The challenged then chooses to accept with "Yoshi". Total Cards: 55 Rating: TBA Click here to Rate Players battle each other by placing cards into their respective 'mana zones', then using that mana to summon creatures into the battle zone or cast spells. Another common form of humor found in the show is its breaking of the fourth wall. Template:Infobox animanga/Video Key differences include the fact that all creatures and spells can act as mana producers, creatures cannot block attacking creatures without having the "blocker" ability, and that creatures only have one "power" statistic. Template:Infobox animanga/Video Assemble your deck, save the universe! Large beasts, super strong primates, obnoxious flora and deadly plants rule the land. There are no plans for the Japanese manga to be acquired by any U.S. publishing company. The first TV series originally premiered in Japan on October 21, 2002 and ran until April 4, 2003. All are enigmatic and powerful. Which civilization will you fight for? Besides its various unnamed members, among its known and active members are: The Temple Guardians are the elite members of the White Soldiers that work under Hakuoh. As of December 2006, the English sets of Duel Masters has been discontinued by Wizards of the Coast due to weak sales and is now being hosted by Takara Tomy in Japan.[1]. Home > Cards > NonSport > Non-Sport Cards > Modern > 2000 - 2009 > 2004 > DUEL MASTERS > DUEL MASTERS BASE SET 1-24 of 1,219 results All Listings For Sale Auction Because Duel Masters is the most successful TCG in all Asia, a new booster set is released every two months, and new theme decks every three months. Some of these look like spacecraft, while others appear to be angels of technology. All five civilizations are dueling for ultimate power, with Infernus and Tritonustaking the lead. ” The second season was produced by Elastic Media Corporation and premiered on March 26, 2005. Template:Infobox animanga/Print Magic: the Gathering Vs. System 2PCG Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkness Civilization is the refuge of the outcast, the feared, the demonic, and the sadistic. A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. Chip-jacked liquid soldiers stand ready to pounce while their overlords use techno-guile and cunning to trap and manipulate their opponents. Magic-wielding demons command creepy, masked, undead minions. Among the known members are: The Black Soldiers are a group of duelists that are the opposite form of Hakuoh's White Soldiers. duel masters base set (1,218) duel masters evo-crushinators of doom (260) duel masters japanese eternal arms (301) duel masters shadowclash of blinding night (332) duel masters rampage of … The White Soldiers (白い騎士団, Shiroi Kishidan?, lit. In each civilization, the creatures are either unique in certain abilities, or share some abilities with those in other civilizations. JMatthew’s Guide to Trading Duel Masters Valid as of April 15 th, 2006 The world of trading cards can be a sticky one. A player declares "Kettou Da" to challenge another player. We strive to have information on all eras of Duel Masters, past and present! Template:Infobox animanga/Print Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. There are no plans for the Japanese manga to be acquired by any U.S. publishing company. Template:Infobox animanga/Video Template:Expand language, Template:Infobox animanga/Header The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. If used properly, the civilizations can complement each other nicely. Duel Masters Charge was eventually produced for the American market as "Duel Masters 2.0", although only the 1st half was aired. Also, while the Japanese version is mostly a traditional card-game show with much humor, the American version is a flat-out parody of the genre that borders on satirical at times. The highly evolved and peace-loving citizens deploy an array of ultra-tech guardians. Toonami then moved to Saturdays and premiered the rest of the series. Therefore, "kaijūdō" means "the way of the monster.". The American and Latin American versions of Duel Masters added several things not in the original version included to make it more of a comedy to separate it from other card battling shows on the market. In Duel Masters, two players play the role of duelists, using the 'art' of "kaijudo" (a marketing term created for the North American version which supposedly describes the "art of battling with giant monsters" [2] to bring their creatures to life to do battle. MARVEL Duel is a fast-paced strategy card game featuring the world’s greatest Super Heroes and Super Villains. In fact, Duelmasters was originally intended as an alternative and a mind game tradename for Magic: The Gathering and the earlier game play was abandoned in the Duel Masters manga plot to promote this latest experience. The Duel Masters manga are written by Shigenobu Matsumoto, and published by Shogakukan in the CoroCoro Comic magazine. See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. Buy and sell Duel Masters Cards - 28,774 views Phoenix’s Ultimate Fire and Darkness Civilizations Deck - 15,782 views Updated Duel Masters card list - 8,734 views Massive leviathans patrol the depths engaging enemies at the flip of a fin. Template:Infobox animanga/Print The third season, with a tournament storyline, began production in September 2005 and was produced by Howling Cat Productions (featuring some of the former Saban Entertainment VA's, such as Brian Beacock, Philece Sampler, and Wendee Lee). Double Masters releases on August 7, 2020. Fans of Duel Masters around the world support player-organized tournaments and also unofficial national championships. "White Knights") are an elite team of duelists that followed Hakuoh when he held the title of Temple Champion. Duel Masters Database Software Monsters duel, dices masters v.1.0 This project is a game based on the universes of Magic the gathrering and Yu-Gi-Oh. The following races reside in the Darkness Civilization: A specific race is shared with some or all of the five civilizations. Total Cards: 60 Rating: 0.0 (0 votes) Click here to Rate. Through a card game, duelists can bring these worlds into existence, making what was previously abstract into reality. Once set, the results will replace this column. The deck can consist of minimum 40 cards of any civilization and rarity and further any number of cards can be added (upto 20) to support your deck or civilization. "Ike" is a command to attack, and "Todome Da" is similar to calling "checkmate" and end the battle. Duel Masters is still published in Japan by Shogakukan and is marketed by Takara Tomy. The English-language printing of the TCG ran from DM-01 Base Set (May 5, 2004) until DM-12 Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures (November, 2006). Due to the popularity of Duel Masters, four video games (three released for the Game Boy Advance and the other for the PS2) based around the game have been produced, titled Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown, Duel Masters: Sempai Legends, Duel Masters: Shadow of the Code for the GBA and Duel Masters: Cobalt for the PS2. The citadels are protected by intense and impenetrable force fields, and Light creatures also specialize in defensive tactics. “DUEL MASTERS” is well known to a wide cross-section of society from elementary school students to adults The spin-off product Kaijudo (as well as the animated series Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, which was premiered in June 2012 on The Hub in the United States) was announced by Wizards of the Coast on February 2012. The Japanese version has a separate second season entitled Duel Masters Charge (2004–2006), which mostly based on the manga. “DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S” is a card game app, an optimized-for-mobile version of the trading card game (hereafter “TCG”) “DUEL MASTERS” that TOMY Company has been selling since 2002. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. The following races reside in the Water Civilization: The Darkness Civilization sprawls across a dangerous, foul and poisoned landscape. This is a list of all card sets available in the English Trading Card Game. For the darkness world, no end is final, no death is definite, no alliance permanent and no obstacle insurmountable. The manga series has not been licensed for the U.S., although there has been an American created comic book by Dreamwave Productions. The card game first originated in Japan and was marketed by Takara Tomy. The card game is part of the Duel Masters franchise. Duel Masters cards represent the 5 different civilizations [9] in the Duel Masters world. It is possible to build a viable deck with one, two or even three civilizations. DMC-61 CoroCoro Dream Pack 4: Eternal Heaven. The symbol for a card's rarity is marked in the bottom right corner of the face-up side: This is a list of the different Card Mechanics [5] or effects that a creature, spell, cross gear or fortress may have: A creature mechanic that allows you to "evolve" a creature into a more powerful creature. The game, therefore, has official status only in Japan, where it is still marketed by Takara Tomy, though numerous games which have attempted to provide community-supported online play exist, with varying success. The Light Civilization prides itself on righteousness. There is a strict order of hierarchy and control amongst them. Tokyopop also released a Cine-Manga Adaptation of the Duel Masters anime, however it is now out of print. Their allies are the Fire and Water Civilizations and their enemies are the Nature and Light Civilizations. We also include information on the In the UK, Duel Masters aired on Toonami. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Articles containing Japanese language text, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2014, Articles with invalid date parameter in template,,, DM-10 Shockwaves of The Shattered Rainbow, Episode 3: Ultra V MasterThe game was discontinued in 2006 by Wizards of the Coast; despite petitioning and other indications of interest from the fanbase. Trading Card Game that was included with the Duel Master's Guide. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Water Civilization is paradise for the maverick. Japanese dialogue also plays a part in duels. Besides its various unnamed members, among its known members are: The Realm of the creatures is divided into five civilizations. 2004 Wizards of the Coast Duel Masters Rampage of The Super Warriors. It was produced in English by Wizards of the Coast, who purchased the rights to the name Duel Masters from Reality Simulations, Inc., which ran a play-by-mail gladiator game called Duelmasters, now known as Duel2. Duel Masters cards represent the 5 different civilizations in the Duel Masters world. These skilled duelists are known as Kaijudo masters. Sign up to receive the latest info on products, events, and special offers. Home > Duel Masters TCG Enter the "Zone," a dimensional realm where mythical and mystical battles are fought between wild beings, and journey to become a tournament champion in the Duel Masters TCG! Template:Infobox animanga/Print Search for the perfect addition to your deck. They were shown on Season One and made a cameo in a flashback in "Duel Masters 2.0". The five civilizations are: There are many races belonging to more than one civilization, including Alien, Arc Seraphim, Brave Spirit, Creator, Deep Marine, Dreammate, Dynamo, Great Mecha King, Grand Devil, God, Lost Crusader, Lunatic Emperor, Luna's Sun Kaiser, Machine Hero, Origin, Phoenix, Saint Head, Shinobi, Survivor, Tyranno Drake and Vehicle Bee. The Water Civilization carries an ambience of stealth and cutting-edge technology. The "Sacred Lands" or "P.L.O.O.P." Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. The TCGPlayer Price Guide tool shows you the value of a card based on the most reliable pricing information available. Players can purchase booster packs to increase the number of cards they have in their collection. The Duel Masters Trading Card Game English Edition was first released in 5th March, 2004 due to the rising popularity of the game in Japan. It was the twelfth and final expansion released by Wizards of the Coast for the English-language game. Recently in early October 2010, the. Dragonoid warriors fight for honor and glory and armored dragons roam the skies. is a franchise based on a manga, anime and a trading card game. If used properly, the civilizations can complement each other nicely. TCG sets OCG sets Video game sets Other card information Gallery Rulings Errata Tips Appearances Trivia Lores Artworks Names External links Yugioh-Card card database: 5048 ()YuGiOh Prices GameA: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links wiki is a smartphone-friendly guide for the game. Noble human soldiers suit up in massive weapons systems and take on all comers. $0.89 Quantity: DM-S10 Roaring Great-Horn Duel Masters TCG Super Rare Holofoil Card. Some creatures belong to two or more civilizations. Loosely based on the original manga, the story centers around the card game Duel Masters, which revolves around five civilizations consisting of Fire, Water, Light, Darkness and Nature. $0.89 Quantity: DM-016 Reusol, the Oracle Duel Masters TCG Common Card. $0.89 Quantity: DM-037 Revolver Fish Duel Masters TCG Uncommon Card. This is done by placing the "evolved" creature on top of the original. We helps players enjoy the game more by providing card database, details of characters, skills, recommended decks, and other helpful information. Their allies are the Darkness and Nature Civilizations and their enemies are the Light and Water Civilizations. It's the biggest set we've got planned for 2013—with 120 new cards in booster packs and one exclusive card in each competitive deck. "Hai" literally means "yes" in Japanese. Frequent references are made throughout the show to pop culture phenomenon, such as when one of the characters, Kyoshiro Kokujo, says "I am dark...I am the night...I am Bat-oh wait, wrong show." The world of Duel Masters is one of five great civilizations. The community centers around 2 main forums internationally which contain translations for Japanese cards. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. Restore the universe by summoning your favorite characters and outsmarting your opponents with effective strategies! The American version also has different music and sound effects than that of the original Japanese version. While the Japanese version seems to rely more on visual and situational humor, the American version tends to use much more verbal humor. Looking for information on the anime Duel Masters?,,,,,,,,,, Mike Elliott, Charlie Catano, and Tyler Bielman, DMC-11 : Shobu's Dragon Legend Power-Up Pack, DMC-12 : Hakuoh's Holy Spirit Power-Up Pack, DMC-20 : Shobu's Holy Dragon Power-Up Pack, DMC-21 : Zakira's Dragon Commander Power-Up Pack, DMC-34 : CoroCoro Dream Pack 2: Eternal Legacy, DMC-61 : CoroCoro Dream Pack 4: Eternal Heaven, DMC-64 : CoroCoro Legend 7: Dynamite Movie, DMC-65 : The Movie Deck: Ultra Fire Spirits. As such, they recur as running gags during the course of the show. Template:Infobox animanga/Video After the defeat of most of the Black Soldier, most of the unnamed members left the group when Yumama came into view. The forests are mesmerizingly beautiful, but also treacherous for the careless. Template:Multiple issues The Duel Masters manga are written by Shigenobu Matsumoto, and published by Shogakukan in the CoroCoro Comic magazine. Cunning and wise sea creatures wait for the enemy to fall into their lure. $13.38 Quantity: Due to this popularity, it was released in the United States on March 5, 2004. The following races reside in the Fire Civilization: The Nature Civilization is covered in a dense jungle. 2 Ballom, Master of death (1 mind and 1 grazed on a corner). The following is a guideline for trading. The following races reside in the Nature Civilization: The Light Civilization floats amongst the clouds in celestial citadels, right above the nature civilization. A race of intelligent robots called Armorloids roll, crawl and blast about seeking strategic advantage. 2004 Wizards of the Coast Duel Masters Evo Crushinators of Doom. Most consider it to be the most powerful, intimidating and unpredictable civilization of all. Tokyopop also released a Cine-Manga Adaptation of the Duel Masters anime, however it is now out of print.