But tonight I flirted with using the vardon grip and although it feels a bit weird as my hands arent used to it, it seemed to allow me to swing quite nicely. Most golf swing problems can be solved by fixing the golfer's grip. Hi, I am just writing as I played recently some crappy rounds as I am having problems with releasing my club. If you focus on this vital pre-swing fundamental, you are most likely to improve your efficiency. Certain players may sacrifice clubhead speed by using the interlocking grip instead of the more common overlapping grip. The Interlocking Grip. It helps the golfer to hit the ball correctly and increase precision or maximize his/her distance on the game. I use an interlocking grip now but when I started playing a few years ago I used a ten finger grip since I played baseball my whole life and it felt comfortable. But, just do what is more comfortable. Our final grip today is the one I personally use when I golf, the interlock grip. The second most widely used grip in golf is the interlocking grip. The knuckle on my pinky is noticebly swollen and I feel various amounts of pain while golfing as well as a constant dull pain when I'm not. Well basically, there are three common golf gripping styles familiar amongst avid golfers; the Overlapping Grip, Interlocking Grip, and Baseball Grip. Part of the series: LS - Golf Fundamentals. 'School of Golf' host Martin Hall has a tip everyone can use to hit the ball farther just by changing your grip. What do Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Rory McIlroy—some of the greatest golfers in history—have in common? What Does the Interlocking Golf Grip Do?. The golf grip can really be broken down into three grips most commonly used by today’s golfer, that being the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the baseball grip, some will argue there are others but for the purpose of this article lets keep it simple and work with the three as previously mentioned. Unlike the overlapping style, the interlocking grip is ideal for those with small hands. You can also try to use an interlocking grip or an overlock grip. -Interlocking grip. When this happens, the club head lags behind the hands and has a very short distance to square itself to the ball. The slightest change to the position of the hands has a tremendous impact on whether the ball finishes in the woods or in the middle of the fairway. Saying that the "Baseball grip promotes a flipping of the wrist(s) in the late downswing, which is a major swing fault". One of the main benefits of this added power is the fact that you can get some extra clubhead speed. 10 Finger Golf Grip. Even when using the same grip and changing from a weak to a stronger grip can feel weird. Perfect Golf Swing Review states that the use of either the Interlocking grip or Vardon Overlap grip is very important. This seals the club on the hand of the golfer with ease. When using an interlocking grip, you will feel as though you have both power and control. I've been using an interlock grip my entire life and only recently I've started to feel pain in my pinky (interlock pinky). A grip similar to the overlapping style is the interlocking club grip. What Are the Advantages of Using the Interlocking Golf Grip?. Having the proper golf grip is essential, and its a part of the game that every player needs to master.. An interlocking grip feels like the strongest and most secure grip on the golf club. All and all, the improved stability and comfort of the overlap grip is usually worth the decreased distance. Michael Breed, host of ‘The Golf Fix,’ shows you various golf grips to hold the club. I had an interlocking grip for probably 20 years til I broke my wrist, after that the only way I could properly bend my wrist in the swing was with a overlapping grip. The grip is one of the primary fundamentals a golfer is taught. I experimented next with the interlocking grip, and at length — I must have been about 15 at the time (around 1927) — I finally arrived at the overlapping grip. Another common cause of this issue could be that either your right wrist or your left wrist could be going parallel during a backswing. Blisters on finger from interlock grip I started using interlocked grip 2 years ago and have issues with rubbing my skin on the outside of my right ring finger where my … Both these grips, take a little time getting used to but can help you overcome this problem. September 09, 2013. It will probably take a couple of weeks before it feels normal but I think you should try a overlap or interlocking grip. Although the most common grip among professional golfers is the overlapping or "Vardon" grip, there are some notable golfers who have used the interlocking grip. Without the proper grip, making consistent golf shots is much more difficult. An interlocking grip promotes a strong link between the left and right hand, and forces them to stay connected during all phases of the swing. Feel According to Ben Hogan, in his book "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf," the backswing should be initiated by a gentle pull of the middle and ring fingers of the right hand. How Important Is a Grip in Golf?. Find out what the interlocking golf grip does with help from a professional golf long drive champion, entertainer, trick shot artist and fundraiser in this free video clip. The other common type of golf grip is the 10-finger grip. The interlocking grip is not super common in professional golf, but it is present. In fact, the first step in learning the swing is learning how to hold the club. If it's functional I don't see why there would be a problem with it. Should You Have a Loose Grip When Driving the Golf Ball? I've have started to learn using the interlocking grip, but every time I attempt to practice in the ranges literally any time from around 20 balls I can feel the interlocking area rubbing/hurting (left hand inside index finger and right hand inside pinky finger). The grip is the only connection point between the player and the golf club. I'd always used baseballl style because it is the only thing that felt comfortable. This, along with the ease of adaptation, has caused the overlap grip to be one of golf’s most popular grips. It offers a physical linking, which makes the club grip solid. The overlap, interlock or baseball grips should help most swing fixes. In fact, some of the best players in the world choose this style of golf grip. Page 1 of 2 - Interlocking grip vs Vardon Grip - posted in Golf Instruction: When I first picked up a golf club I was only ever told about the interlocking grip and as such have only ever really used it. Interlock Grip. Recently, I've been messing around with my grip. This article will just be based on the first-two mentioned gripping styles as the baseball grip (also called ten-finger grip) is the least preferred grip that instructors/teachers use. The Interlock Grip. Your swing evolves from your arrangement. They don’t use the overlapping grip! The final issue that a strong grip can lead to is very general directional problems. A fundamentally sound grip helps you create power and feel at the same time. This grip basically takes the overlap grip one step further by interlocking the pinky and index fingers. But in this case, those fingers will cross rather than sit one on top of the other. What Are the Advantages of Using the Interlocking Golf Grip? Jeff, a grip change is the hardest thing to change in my opinion in the world of golf. Click HERE for more School of Golf content. My current theory is that an interlocking or overlap grip might prevent my tendency to roll my wrists shut and thus help prevent the snap hooks that plague me. The Golf Fix: Grip it and rip it. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out out with a grip problem I have (Started learning to play a few weeks ago). The best grip enables the golfer better position and control over the clubface. Aug 14, 2019 - Most people go to great extends of purchasing expensive golf equipment and accessories thinking this will perfect their game forgetting they need to develop apt More information Golf Grip Tips | Interlocking Golf Grip Problems | The Golf Grip Training Aid | Golf Grips Replacement . .580 Compared to .600 Golf Grips ; What Are the Benefits of the Double Overlap Golf Grip? The theory is, that this strong grip correlates to a strong or power “mentality” and leads to handle drag. The overlap and interlock grips are the most common, with the overlap also known as the Vardon grip named after six-time Open Champion Harry Vardon. The following article from golf.about.com does a very good job describing the three primary grips. This type of grip will again see both hands connect to each other through the right hand’s little finger and the left hand’s index finger. Instead, these pros favor a variation called the interlocking grip and, if they’re finding … Interlocking golf grips allow you to get more lag within your swing. I am used to the interlocking grips but tried the baseball grip for a week and discovered a better release of the club due higher flexibility of the wrists with the result of a better launch and longer shorts. 10 Finger Grip Problems in Golf Apr 23, 2019 - Most people go to great extends of purchasing expensive golf equipment and accessories thinking this will perfect their game forgetting they need to develop apt More information This Little Pig Went To Market and A Messy Attic Background | Interlocking Golf Grip Problems | Golf Grip Right Hand Thumb Position | Golf Grips. The golf grip is the singularly most important choice any amateur golfer makes. In this guide, we have put together the steps to master the golf grip. Focusing on how to hold a golf club is the first step to developing a … Without the grip, none of us are even playing the game. I was working then in the golf shop at the Glen Garden Club, and I copied the grip of Ted Longworth, the pro … Hooks come from getting your body around too fast, changing your grip is not the best way to fix it. In the proper golf grip, your lead hand (top hand) holds the golf club in the fingers, not the palm, with the 'V' (right image) of your thumb and forefinger pointing to your back shoulder at address. As fewer fingers are in contact with the grip, you may sacrifice feel and touch that is possible with overlapping. Here's an excerpt that I enjoyed reading from a chapter in Harvey Penick's book "The Wisdom of Harvey Penick": INTERLOCKING GOLF GRIP PROBLEMS IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS A PERFECT SWING The single most important-- and frequently forgotten-- full-swing basic in golf is the setup placement. In golf, the only connection a player has with the golf club is the grip.